About Me

Emily Linh Mai

I have my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as my master’s degree in Mass Communication from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School.

I’ve always had an interest in writing. What has always pushed me forward is the idea that every time I write, I get better. I want to see where the limits of my abilities are, and eventually, I want to see how I can extend those limits. That’s what inspired me to go into journalism.

I enjoy using multimedia as a way to better reach, interact and communicate with my audience. I would love to use my passion for story-telling, photography and communication to help me develop my social networking skills to someday write and photograph stories in ways that draw people in.

I think managing a strong presence on social media strengthens my connection to my community and builds audience trust through outreach and transparency. 

I worked part-time for ASU Gammage on the marketing and public relations team for over 2 years. I would regularly conduct interviews and write articles for our magazine and online website. I also worked closely with the social media team to design posts and story content to promote shows.

I was a visual journalist for two years for for Cronkite News on Arizona PBS.

I volunteer for an international TV station called Supreme Master Television where I work with the editing team to review transcripts and I occasionally host short segments. I was involved in writing online and print news stories for my high school paper, The Talon, which was awarded number one in print and online publications in Arizona by the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association in 2018. I was a staff writer, photographer, and writer on the editorial board for two years. My article “Barely Breathing” was featured on the front page of Teen Ink magazine’s website in January 2018. I have had three articles published by AZ Big Media in 2020.